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The modern (Bowen) healer has intuition, tactile skill and knowledge

Bowen Therapy has multi-layered functions as a unique soft tissue technique. There is a lot (more) going on than. meets the eye..or your healing hands. You are about to find out.

With a fundamental understanding about fascia and tissue mechanisms, suddenly hands-on work has a strong basis to work from, the student advances from a good practitioner who knows a technique to an excellent practitioner who understands the biology of their technique–The Biology of Bowen. You see..

Bowen therapy is ingenious in its complexity and simplicity simultaneously. Using emerging fascia research and studies in mechanophysiology, we can start to really understand some of the why's and how's of Bowen.

[To read more about my experience and journey, go to About Jenny page]

Join me. Be an excellent knowledgeable Bowen Therapist.

Would you love to understand Bowen?

Enrich your clinical practice and take your knowledge deeper.

In this video-based online course, I explain fundamental areas of tissue mechanics (mechanophysiology) and integrate this into the biomechanics of Bowen Therapy. A technique that rightly deserves to be understood beyond what we think it is and does.

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How do you excel as a Bowen Therapist? First, understand what you're doing.

As you learn the biomechanics of the Bowen technique you can begin to understand the intelligence of this technique.

When I began to learn Bowen Therapy, I had quite a few unanswered questions, but the method worked. It was enough at the time and I had OK results with OK confidence. Sound familiar? Today, as manual medicine advances and patients turn to us as the first healthcare provider, rather than the last one, we have a bigger responsibility to understand what we do: A responsibility to ourselves as clinicians, to our patients, and respect to the therapy itself. When you understand, you heal with confidence, you work with refined knowledge; you assess with clarity, you articulate your work more intelligently. You become an excellent Bowen clinician.

Do you know why and how Bowen Therapy works? Why it's so remarkable? This course will take your knowledge to a deeper (cellular) level.

The Biology of Bowen is an online modular course teaching about the biomechanics of the Bowen technique through the lens of the fascial system and mechanophysiology. Content will be based on information and emerging research on soft tissue / fascia, integrated with the principles and technique of the Bowen Technique.

Note: The course does not teach the Bowen technique, but the postulated mechanisms and concepts behind it.
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It is time to have a new and current understanding. I will help to take you there.

In this online course, we unravel, unpack, and explore some essential themes that frankly, all soft tissue practitioners need to know–especially the Bowen Therapist. Here are just some of the questions we will explore and answer.

  • Do we know what processes beneath our fingers we are influencing?

  • Do we know about fibro / myofibroblasts? Why is this important

  • Do we know what the septa is? Why should we?

  • Do we know that connective tissue is also part of the immune system–and the enormous implications of our work?

  • What happens with stress and fascia?

  • Finally: Do we want to add depth and meaning to our work

Why would I want to do this course? Tell me more about the new online course for Bowen Therapists.

To begin with, you are passionate about wanting to know why and how Bowen works from a deeper perspective– right down to the cellular (tissue) level. A little more specifically:

  • You want to know why and how Bowen therapy works from a biological perspective.

  • You want to know how a subtle soft tissue technique such as Bowen can produce such profound results in overall health, not just pain reduction or improvement in mobility.

  • You want to master the Bowen technique through knowing what’s behind it.

  • You want to take your knowledge to a new (deeper) level.

  • You want to be a soft tissue CLINICIAN who uses the Bowen technique.

  • You want to add depth and meaning to your work.

  • You want to understand concept, theory and science processes–beyond the Bowen ‘recipe’ and sequences.

  • You want to up-skill your Bowen knowledge so you can assess and treat with confidence and certainty and refinement.

In The Biology of Bowen course, we go a bit further and deeper.

We learn and further explore some of the possible why's and how's and what's of the Bowen Technique through the lens of fundamental topics such as:

> Connective tissue / the fascial system
> Cell processes
> Inflammation and fibrotic tissues
> Myofibroblasts, cytokines and enzymes
> Stress and the nervous system
> Touch variables (duration, force etc.)
> Mechanoreceptors, and more…

All topics related to, relevant, and absolutely key to understanding the power of the Bowen Technique.
We focus on the biomechanical and fluid related effects of using the Bowen technique.


Hold on a little bit more. I promise you, it will be worth the wait!

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The Biology of Bowen Online course is perfect for you if you’re...

  • A Bowen Therapist or student (yes, especially you) wanting to deepen and refine your knowledge and work, as a postgraduate or continued studies learning platform.

  • A manual therapist / clinician who has a keen interest in both the Bowen Technique and fascia/mechanobiology for soft tissue therapies. (with focus on Bowen)

  • A student in the area of complementary health and wants to learn about the biomechanics of Bowen.

  • A fitness or professional trainer, movement therapist, pilates teacher or yoga teacher/student and wants to learn about the biomechanics of Bowen Therapy.

  • None of the above, but you just love learning and know Bowen is amazing.

Here's what you receive when you enrol.

The course will change the way you view and understand the Bowen Technique through the fascial layers.

✔️ 24/7 Access for five months to The Biology of Bowen learning platform, including any and all BONUSES you qualify for!

✔️ 9 Module (8 core + 1 bonus) Library that will educate about the biomechanics of the Bowen Technique through the fascial & mechanobiology lens (check out what’s in each module above.)

✔️ Pre-recorded video lessons with visually engaging images to complement all lectures.

✔️ Modules that consists of a collection of digestible lessons within that topic. Each module is from 40-70 minutes long.

✔️ Flexibility to go at your own pace. Videos are pre-recorded.

✔️ Repeated learning of any downloads, texts, videos - you can go over as many times as you like throughout the course.

✔️ Access to me via email AND periodical "Zoom" online web-meetings for review, discussion and Q & A.

Welcome video!

Meet me & find out about the course.

In this video, I share my vision, the objective with this course; how it is delivered, what you get, and the fundamental key question that forms the basis of this course. 

Watch if you haven't already! And feel free to share. 

~ In health,

Jenny Eleni Petridis

What are benefits of doing this course?

  • You will gain confidence in knowing what you're doing

  • You will build trust with your patients, colleagues and peers in the manual medicine field - because you understand scientifically what you're doing.

  • You will be able to assess and treat your patients with more understanding of implications of your work with Bowen.

  • Bowen sequences and manoeuvres will make physiological sense.

  • You go from a Bowen Therapist who uses recipes to a clinician who understands science.

  • You will connect the dots between pathology, process, patient and power of Bowen.

  • You will treat with certainty and thus certain results.

  • You will present and promote Bowen in your community with understanding beyond 'muscle challenges' and 'balancing the body' phrases.

What you'll learn

Module One

What are we touching?

Well, skin, muscles and fascia. Right and...wrong.  Knowing the fabric we work with, we stimulate and manipulate is essential. Bowen Therapy will makes so much more sense after.

In fundamentals module, we learn about fascia in relation to the Bowen technique. Instead of pouring over hundreds of fascia books, I have selected the key areas you need to know as a Bowen practitioner/student and conclude with the clinical relevance for you and your work. Essential knowledge. 

Module Two

Mechanostimulation of the mechanoreceptors.

One of the mechanisms that help to explain Bowen. Some insights you may not have noticed before. Golgis, Ruffinis...and how the Bowen therapist may adjust their touch for greater effect... We review these receptors early on, before delving more into mechanobiology. sense after.

Module Three

ANS & stress. The autonomic nervous system does practically everything.

It is the CEO of the organism. Bowen Therapy's effect on it is profound. Wonder why?

In this module we learn about three important aspects of fascia's interaction with the nervous system, and how Bowen Therapy fits in with this. The 3 topics are: The autonomic nervous system, stress, and fascia + myofibroblasts.

Module Four

Mechanotransduction. What happens when force is exerted onto tissues?

I mean, at a cellular level? Biochemical changes. Does the Bowen move help transduce physiological changes in tissue? Yes. Now, we're talking. #transduction

Now, here we are naturally referring to external forces on tissue structures –because there are already innate internal forces going on. In this module we go quite a little deep(er). My favourite new area of soft tissue medicine is mechanobiology. Welcome!

Module Five

What is the piezoelectric phenomena and streaming potentials?

And how do electric field & mechanical stress (notably Bowen Therapy) influence tissue?

In this module we view the body as electric rather than 'just' mechanistic, and unravel the electro-mechanical processes in the fascial system and how therapeutic intervention may play a role. Adding further depth to what tissue load can and does do is integral to adding richness in understanding of our soft tissue work with Bowen.
manual therapy image of hands with fascia and crystals representing crystalline collagen

Module Six

What are we trying to do?

We may say: moving fluid, ‘releasing’ knots or restrictions, balancing the tensional forces in the body via fascia manipulation...

In this module, we go further & learn about the transmission of forces in relation to Bowen; we familiarise ourselves with the most abundant protein in the body: collagen; learn about cross-links and some really interesting fluid dynamics features, which (again) supports the features and functions of Bowen. Furthermore, you’ll understand the significance of Tom Bowen working closely with disabled children (spasticity).

Module Seven

Touch variables

In module 6, we recognise that different forms of touch have different physiological effects on soft tissue mechanisms, and outcomes. We further define the Bowen manoeuvre and highlight the uniqueness of it’s multi-feature tactile forces and the implications on tissue integrity and disease.

Module Eight

Connective tissue & immune health.

Bowen Therapy has a particular potency in assisting immune health. In module 8 we look at the importance of the relationship between immune health and connective tissue, and how Bowen fits in perfectly.

Bonus Module

Module Nine

Knowledge with application and clinical relevance completes the circle. We put it altogether here.

In this bonus module, though there are summaries and reviews throughout the entire course - we review, summarise key points and case studies are also included for clinical relevance and scenarios to give context with the new knowledge.

Bonus material

Extras you will receive in this course includes

  • Access to me

    ✔ Email access to me, your teacher/presenter FOREVER.

    ✔ Access to all future upgrades after purchase.

  • Live ZOOM meetings!

    ✔ Opportunity to join live Zoom meetings, scheduled periodically for discussion & Q's and A's.

  • Book prize

    ✔ You get the chance to win the highly regarded paperback book: Healing Hands Unsung Voices Anthology, Thomas Ambrose Bowen, Osteopath (1916-1982). Author: Shirley Strachan. This is on offer for limited time only!

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Give me a taste of the topics.

Hi, I'm Jenny

My mission is to help you help others through excellence as a Bowen practitioner.

Jenny Petridis

Bowen Therapist & Educator

Jenny Petridis

International multilingual Bowen Therapist and educator, therapeutic yoga practitioner and creative meditation facilitator, and creator of The Biology of Bowen. I am a professionally trained bodyworker and educator, specialising in the remarkable Bowen technique through the last 14 years. I began my career in the manual therapy industry a little before that (Dip. Remedial Massage), eventually discovering the Bowen Technique. Fast forward to now - after countless enquiries from people all over the world, I finally have put pen to paper to launch this course for Bowen therapists, Bowen students or bodyworkers with an interest in Bowen. To read my full story, go to About page.

The many facets of Bowen therapy.

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  • When does the course start?

    This March 2020 the OFFICIAL COURSE LAUNCH will be announced!

    The course is pre-recorded, so soon as the course is OPEN for enrolments (please subscribe to be notified!!), you start whenever you like.

    When you enrol, you get access to the first module!

    And then every periodically (every 7 days) you receive the next module and next...

    Of course, you don't HAVE to start when you enrol - you can view them any time, and any place!

  • How is the course delivered, and how long does it take to finish?

    – The Biology of Bowen course is delivered using a variety of media: video (mostly), some text too. A bit of everything. Each module consists of a collection of lessons, accessed on the site's dashboard. You get notified by email when next module is ready for you to study!

    – The course is an 9-module course (it was 8, and I extended it, at no extra cost!) . Plan on up to about about 1 hour per week (very do-able, no stress and this means you take your time, re-watch, apply it, review). And

    To learn anything, it is important to be relaxed and study at a nice and easy pace.

    The course is like a day's live workshop. Except, you get to watch it many times (pre-recorded videos), rewind, take notes, and really cement the information into your mind --> to be transferred into your healing hands.

    Remember: Once you have enrolled, you have 10 month access to the course. This is intentional and generous, and offers best results because research shows that students become more committed and dedicated to do the course when under a time frame.

    I WANT you to learn and be a knowledgeable Bowen therapist. And, learn, you will.

  • I'm not a health practitioner nor a Bowen Therapist. Can I still do this course?

    YES OF COURSE!It is open to everyone.
    It is suitable for all health practitioners/bodyworkers with an interest in Bowen Therapy. And particularly and especially designed for the Bowen Therapist or student.

  • Does the course qualify me to practice Bowen Therapy?

    No. This is a 'continued education' course that can complement your practice in the Bowen Technique. No tactile manoeuvres are taught.

  • Is this accredited by any Bowen association for CPD or CPE points?

    Not yet. Pending!

  • Is this course theoretical or also practical?

    This online course is completely theoretical. I may deliver some appropriate video demonstrations to complement a particular topic.

  • Will this course be available in other languages?

    YES!Though, not just yet. Hang on. Patiently. Available in Spanish around 2020/2021.

  • Is the course refundable?

    Due to the digital nature of this course, and the fact that digital content can't be returned, this course is non-refundable.

    Please read the outline description of each module so you understand what the course is about and what you are buying, also taking into account it is a pilot course. I am completely invested in making sure you have the best experience possible, so please email me with any questions and I will always give you an honest answer so you can make the best decision for you. We're happy to answer any questions.

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Knowledge is transmitted through your body and into your hands.

Know more. Excel. Heal with confidence.


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