Would you love to learn about the biomechanics of Bowen through mechanobiology?

This course is the one! A 15 lesson course that will enrich your knowledge.

In this video-based mini-course, I introduce key areas of mechanobiology into our deeper cellular understanding of the biomechanics of the Bowen Technique. Welcome to an exciting area of fascia and tissue mechanics!

15 lessons include video, text, quizzes and pdfs. There's also the introduction/welcome module and a closing message from Jenny.
picture of the fascial layers and the thoracolumbar fascia

Meet Jenny

A 5 minute video about The Biology of Bowen course(s).
A welcome video where you see how the course is presented to you. Jenny talks about the modular structure of the 6-week course, that includes video, images, graphics and even quizzes. Remember, you can purchase some of the modules as individual mini-courses.

Course curriculum

Mechanophysiology and Bowen

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    MODULE 4: Mechanophysiology and Bowen








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What you will learn

Mechanophysiology & Bowen

Let's start with mechanotransduction. What happens when force is exerted onto tissues?

I mean, at a cellular level? Biochemical changes. Does the Bowen move help transduce physiological changes in tissue? Yes. Now, we're talking. #transduction

Now, here we are naturally referring to external forces on tissue structures –because there are already innate internal forces going on. In this module we go quite a little deep(er). My favourite new area of soft tissue medicine is mechanobiology. Welcome!

Mechanobiology: an exciting area of study! As we delve, we unravel Bowen mechanisms.

This course introduces mechanobiology into our understanding of Bowen. Through this field of study, we learn so much more about the Bowen Technique. Some questions we ponder and answer:

  • What are fibroblasts?

  • What are myofibroblasts? What do they do?

  • What are the healing substances we may influence?

  • Why is intermittent touch good, and when?

  • What influence or changes to the matrix do mechanical forces have, especially Bowen?

  • Finally: Do we want to add depth and meaning to our work

Excelling as a Bowen therapist means, going deeper – that is, cell-deep into mechanobiology!

In this mini-course, we are introduced to mechanobiology, what it is, and why you greatly benefit to understand in relation to Bowen Therapy! We then progress into healing substances, non-neuronal cells of the connective tissue matrix, scar-tissue as well, and how your Bowen touch causes tissue modifications, as all this new know!

Join me. Start here to be an excellent knowledgeable Bowen Therapist. 


What you will gain doing this course

  • Up-knowledge

    Being a true excellent soft tissue clinician requires more than manual skills - it requires knowledge beyond the actual technique itself. Knowing what you do, why and what occurs at the cellular level becomes the foundation of your work!

  • Understand

    It's one thing to read about the effects of touch on the body, yet a totally new learning experience to learn about mechanobiology: the process and effects of physical forces on tissue, in relation to the Bowen Technique!

  • Transfer into practice

    Your depth of knowledge and understanding will be transferred into your clinical practice. When you know why and what is occurring beneath your hands at the cellular level, this wisdom goes far beyond your current work–rather, it is now applied to any new therapeutic skill.

Ready? Go for it.

Your investment into your education!

Frequently asked questions


  • How is the course delivered?

    Courses are delivered using a variety of media: video (99%) accompanied by graphics and illustrations, some text/pdf lessons, and quizzes. Once you purchase, you have immediate access to the course.

  • I'm not a Bowen Therapist nor health practitioner. Can I still do this course?

    Yes, of course you can! The courses are primarily aimed at the Bowen Therapist, however they are open to everyone, particularly to other manual therapists and those with interest in the Bowen technique.

  • Does this course qualify towards CPD and CPE points?

    Yes. This course–as with all non hands-on training for BTPA–falls under: 'Other Courses' section' (UK).
    CPE for BTFA (AUST) is pending.

  • Is the course theoretical only, or also practical?

    This online course is completely theoretical. All video lessons are accompanied by graphics, illustrations, diagrams, whilst the presenter is speaking. The best and closest you'll get to face-to-face!

  • Will this course be available in other languages?

    Yes. It will be available in Spanish, Portuguese and possibly Greek at a later date. (These are the languages Jenny also speaks)

  • Is this mini-course part of the 6-module (6-week) full course?

    Yes, correct. Note that 5 of the 6 modules (of full course) are available to be purchased separately, as 'mini-courses'. Best value is to enrol in the 6-module course. However, opting for individual mini-courses is a great option too if you have specific topic interest.

  • Is the course refundable?

    Due to the digital nature of this course, and the fact that digital content can't be returned, this course is non-refundable. Please read the outline description of each module so you understand what the course is about and what you are buying. Please email me with any questions and I will always give you an honest answer so you can make the best decision for you.

Hi, I'm Jenny

My mission is to help you help others through excellence as a Bowen practitioner.

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Jenny Petridis

International multilingual Bowen Therapist and educator, therapeutic yoga practitioner and creative meditation facilitator, and creator of The Biology of Bowen. I am a professionally trained bodyworker and educator, specialising in the remarkable Bowen technique through the last 14 years. I began my career in the manual therapy industry a little before that (Dip. Remedial Massage), eventually discovering the Bowen Technique. Fast forward to now - after countless enquiries from people all over the world, I finally have put pen to paper to launch this course for Bowen therapists, Bowen students or bodyworkers with an interest in Bowen. To read my full story, go to About page.

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