Moving with ease with Bowen

A science-based approach to understand the mechanisms and physiology behind the effect of Bowen on movement.

The Bowen Technique consistently demonstrates its effectiveness in improving mobility through the gentle and minimal touches. But, why and how?

A dive into the world of fascia, tissue mechanics and Bowen Therapy promises to satisfy the curious and dedicated Bowen Therapist who wants to understand and know…more.

☆ This webinar has ended. But, you can still purchase the recording.
☆ View access until 17th February 2023.

❝ At the core of good health, vitality and longevity is movement.
A mobile body is synonymous with quality of life, whether that’s being able to walk pain-free, or play a sport. Understanding the mechanisms and pathways of Bowen to achieve this is as important as the treatment itself. Knowledge is empowerment for therapist and patient. ❞
~ Jenny